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On this page we've posted a selection of our original and cover material. Enjoy!


Problem Bear - (Jeff Burrows, SOCAN)

Inspiration for “Problem Bear” came from CBC News Reports about bears on the roam in Coquitlam BC. It occurred to me that we should also try to look at it from the Bears perspective – JB.

Lovin' you - (Randy Huber)

I imagined a love addiction that offers little other than trouble in return. – RH.

Give Bobby One More Chance - (Joellen Housego)

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I'm a Little Off Kilter - (Jeff Burrows, SOCAN)

When love doesn’t go your way you may end up feeling this way. – JB.

Bird Of Paradise - (Joellen Housego)

Reaper's Comin' Round - (Jeff Burrows)

I wasn’t sure what this one was about when it first came to me – but the melding of some comments by one of my favourite nurses kicked it off and the last verse made it all about my dear departed Mum. This is a live performance from March 2019 at the Carnegie in Vancouver. – JB.

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Cover Tunes

I Know You Rider - (trad.)

Randy sings his unique take on “I Know You Rider” a traditional blues song that has been adapted by numerous artists, most famously the Grateful Dead.

The Briar And The Rose - (O.M.Leudecke, SOCAN)

Jeff and Randy take Lead and Harmony turns with Joellen adding a third part on the chorus.

Let Me Go Home Whiskey - (John Willy Henry)

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I Still Miss Someone - (Johnny and Ray Cash)

Randy sings the Johnny Cash classic.

Carmelita - (Warren Zevon)

Jeff sings Carmelita

Freight Train - (Fred Eaglesmith)


Rose Of San Antone - (Bob Wills)

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